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How Do Braces Work And How To Care For Them?

Correcting the position of teeth and ensuring that they are properly aligned is what braces do. This is usually done during the teenage years but adults also wear braces to correct their bite and to make their smiles more attractive. Braces offer active support to teeth which is something that are needed for many children […]

How Can You Improve The Strength Of Your Enamel?

One of the hardest materials found in the human body is the dental enamel. It covers the outer part of the teeth and provides protection to your teeth. This outer layer is made of minerals and it is the mineralisation that makes the teeth strong. It is important that proper care and attention is given […]

5 Things To Be Aware About Braces

Braces are quite common these days – you can see teenagers and adults using them. Braces are used if one has crooked teeth. It is also used in cases of having underbite or overbite (misaligned teeth) – this is the condition where lower jaw and teeth protrude beyond the upper jaw and overbite is the […]

Oral Cancer – What You Need to Know

Cancer can affect any part of the body. Cancer starts in the body when cells begin to multiply without control. This can spread to other parts of the body and the neighbouring tissues and organs can also get affected by cancer. Cells generally divide when there is a need to form new cells. But when […]

All You Need to Know About Crowns and Bridges

Many restorative dentistry procedures available today that give back a beautiful smile and confidence to people who have damaged, decayed or unattractive teeth. Crowns and Bridges are one of the most sought out procedures across the country. It doesn’t restore just the appearance, but it also helps stop further deterioration of the teeth. They are […]

All You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment

Repairing damaged tooth to save it from extraction – that is RCT or Root Canal Treatment in a nutshell. Dentists will recommend this treatment to save badly infected teeth. When you hear about Root Canal, you may imagine it to be associated with terrible pain, but what the treatment does is save your teeth. It […]

8 Common Dental Problems That Need A Dental Visit

Most people do not visit the dentist on a regular basis. In fact, when you hear about someone talking about a visit to the dentist, you may be forgiven if you think that it is an emergency situation or a serious dental problem that they want to take care of. However, it is advisable to […]