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Caring For The Dental Health Of Your Toddler

As the saying goes, old habits die hard. We are aware of the importance of dental care and what role teeth play in our lives. You should understand how essential it is to get children on the right track about dental care right from the beginning. Initiating children into taking good care of their dental […]

How to Ensure Dental Health through Food and Lifestyle Habits

You are what you eat. And your teeth reflect your food habits and your lifestyle. The body is a marvel of nature, made up of trillions of cells, which are assigned various duties. All the cells are set out to do their job effectively wherever they are placed in the body. Problems arise only when […]

6 Tooth Problems That Require Emergency Dental Treatment

Emergency dental care helps reduce medical emergencies from escalating and also helps to preserve oral health. Dental emergencies can include issues like sudden uncontrolled bleeding, intensifying pain, swelling in the jaws and teeth, or trauma to the oral region. These medical conditions require immediate attention and helps to preserve the oral health of the person. […]

Corrective Procedures for Crooked Teeth

Who doesn’t love to have a perfect set of bright shiny teeth? But sadly, only a few are lucky to have them. Misaligned teeth are common among children and adults and it does not require any medical procedure. But some may have extreme cases of crooked and misaligned teeth that require can be corrected using […]

Some Common Types of Dental Fillings Used by Your Dental Office

Dental filling procedure is one of the best ways of restoring teeth strength and appearance. Cavities, fractures in the teeth are also taken care of by fillings. Your teeth may get damaged due to lifestyle, diseases, dental problems, or even accidents. The primary function of dental fillings is restoring the damaged teeth and making it […]

How to choose the right type of dentures for your problem

Even with advanced knowledge in dental health and technology to go with it, there are millions of people who end up with dentures due to various reasons, one of which is either lack of awareness about dental care, and lack of resources to afford dental services. People who have been advised to wear dentures by […]

Steve Poltz at Spotted Mallard, – 29 Nov, Brunswick, VIC

Calling all music lovers! Mark the date in your calendar so you don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see, hear and get inspired by the one and only Steve Poltz on stage on November 29th 2019, at Spotted Mallard, 314, Sydney Road, 3056 Brunswick, VIC. As we all know, Steve Poltz has come a long […]

Some tips to get used to wearing dentures

Having to wear dentures is preventable if from early on we practice good dental hygiene. But sometimes even with the best of dental care tooth loss can happen. With all the effort to save your natural teeth, the dentist sometimes has no choice but to extract a tooth. In such a situation you have to […]

Melbourne Wedding Expo – Sunday 22nd September 2019, Brunswick, VIC

Come all you dreamy couples. Register yourselves for Melbourne Wedding Expo – Brunswick on Sunday 22nd Sept 2019 at 10.00am to 2.00pm at Brunswick Town Hall to plan your perfect wedding and save tons of money. Marriages are made in heaven. But weddings are planned on Earth. Who has not gone through sleepless nights planning […]

Dentures and Oral Health

Oral health is important and reflects the general health of a person. It shows signs of nutritional deficiency or lack of personal hygiene or infection affecting a person. Diseases in the oral area bring discomfort, pain and related diseases along with it. Cavities and tooth loss are one of the most commonly seen dental diseases. […]