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Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad Breath, Halitosis

Research shows that around 25% of the population suffers from the embarrassing condition of bad breath also known as halitosis. Patients report that their self-esteem plummets and their social and work-life suffer as a result of this.

Foods like onion, garlic all are all known to cause your breath to smell bad, but it’s temporary. Poor oral hygiene is one of the primary reasons why a person might suffer from bad breath. It could be also because of any underlying medical condition that remains untreated.

Using over the counter products like mints or mouthwashes can help to a certain extent. But they offer only temporary relief from the problem. Understanding the root cause of this condition and treating it properly is the only way to stop it from recurring.

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Causes of Bad Breath

One of the primary reasons for bad breath is the food we eat daily. The initial breakdown of food takes place in the mouth. Food is organic matter and as it breaks down, it causes an odour to emanate – this can last till the food leaves the body.

So what happens is when you do not follow a good oral hygiene routine, these food particles remain in the mouth and continue to break down. Food debris that are stuck  between the teeth have to be cleaned out, else they cause bad odour. Not just that, food remaining in the mouth will also lead to tooth decay. Bacteria can develop and lead to gum diseases, which also adds to the bad breath. Food particles also get stuck to dental braces, so if you wear braces it is important to clean them thoroughly.

Another reason is smoking or chewing of tobacco. Both of these habits can lead to other dental issues and also cause bad breath. Some have a medical condition called dry mouth – saliva acts as cleansing agent, and when the amount reduces, bad odour will be emitted from the mouth. Some other diseases that can cause halitosis are sinus infections, and liver and kidney problems.

Bad Breath / Halitosis Treatment

When you first approach us with a bad breath problem, we start with a thorough oral examination to determine the cause. The reason may be something as simple poor dental hygiene, or it could also be due to more severe medical conditions – so it’s important to ascertain what’s causing the problem in your case.

Fortunately, help is available. The Brunswick Dental Group team is able to perform a simple fresh breath analysis test and prescribe treatment that can resolve your situation.

Although bad breath can be attributed to a variety of causes, in most cases, it is the result of a build-up of oral bacteria on your tongue and along the gum-line. Some of these bacteria produce sulphur compounds, which is often the cause of bad breath. If you suffer from bad breath, our oral hygienists can offer you advice on effective brushing and flossing techniques and demonstrate the best method for cleaning the front and back area of your tongue. Often by adopting a thorough oral hygiene routine will remove much of the odour causing bacteria. A thorough oral exam by one of the Brunswick Dental Clinic team can determine if the cause is related to an infection such as gum disease.

No matter what the cause of your bad breath, the Brunswick Dental Group team will find a solution that soon has you speaking with confidence.