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Corrective Procedures for Crooked Teeth

Who doesn’t love to have a perfect set of bright shiny teeth? But sadly, only a few are lucky to have them. Misaligned teeth are common among children and adults and it does not require any medical procedure. But some may have extreme cases of crooked and misaligned teeth that require can be corrected using […]

All you want to know about Invisalign

Invisible braces – that’s what Invisalign is. This advanced prosthetic dental device removes the wires and brackets that are usually associated with traditional braces. They are clear and custom made, providing all the functions associated with braces. They support in straightening teeth and move it to the desired position. Who doesn’t wish for properly aligned […]

Do You Really Need Braces?

Braces are usually prescribed by dentists to rectify orthodontic problems. Using braces is quite common as not everyone has a perfect set of teeth. Dentists usually will conduct a dental check up to diagnose when a client would need to wear braces and what type will be suited for them. Some according to their needs […]

How Do Braces Work And How To Care For Them?

Correcting the position of teeth and ensuring that they are properly aligned is what braces do. This is usually done during the teenage years but adults also wear braces to correct their bite and to make their smiles more attractive. Braces offer active support to teeth which is something that are needed for many children […]

5 Things To Be Aware About Braces

Braces are quite common these days – you can see teenagers and adults using them. Braces are used if one has crooked teeth. It is also used in cases of having underbite or overbite (misaligned teeth) – this is the condition where lower jaw and teeth protrude beyond the upper jaw and overbite is the […]