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We Are Your Local Dentists In Carlton

When it comes to finding reliable and friendly treatments from a respected dentist, Carlton residents know to turn to Brunswick Dental Group.

At our clinic we are passionate about providing all patients with comprehensive and effective methods of care and treatment to ensure they will be able to have healthy and shining smiles for years to come. We make sure that each and every patient that walks throughout clinic doors feels comfortable, welcome, and relaxed.

Patients can look to our clinic for orthodontic care, cosmetic dentistry, general dental treatments, and emergency dental care. Give us a call today for all further enquiries, or to make an appointment with our staff.

The Invisalign Professionals In Carlton

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th Invisalign braces Carlton patients can find an effective and discrete way to correct crooked teeth and improve their overall dental health and wellbeing.

A popular form of cosmetic dental care, Invisalign braces are clear and fitted to suit each individual patient, meaning they can enjoy all the benefits of more traditional braces without having to worry about the wires across their teeth. Better still, Invisalign braces can be removed when eating, meaning they are far easier to keep clean.

To learn more about Invisalign, or to see if it is suitable for your dental healthcare needs, simply pick up the phone and call the friendly staff here at Brunswick Dental Group.

Tooth Whitening & Wisdom Tooth Removal Treatments

Our smiles can easily lose their shine and brightness over time due to what we eat or drink, or just through natural ageing. But with a qualified and skilled teeth whitening treatment you can bring that shine back to your smile.

Our dentists provide Carlton patients with proven and professional teeth whitening and bleaching solutions that are tailored to each individual, meaning you can always be sure of the quality of the final result and the impact the treatment will have on the look of your smile.

At Brunswick Dental Group we also provide straightforward root canal and wisdom teeth removal treatments, making sure your overall oral health is in top condition.

Call 03 9380 1305 to learn more.