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Sudden toothache causing you severe pain? Have you lost a filling or broken some dental work? Or do you have a tooth that got knocked out during an accident or sports?

When you need fast dental care, you can always rely on us. Call our emergency dentist and we will do everything possible to see and treat you as soon as possible. Our team of highly trained and compassionate dental staff are equipped to handle any kind of dental emergency imaginable. When you need us the most, you can rest assured that we will be there by your side.

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For all your Dental Emergencies, drop in at our clinic or call us and we will do everything possible to see and treat you as soon as possible.

Common Dental Emergencies

While it is not necessary that all dental emergencies are painful, a vast majority of them indeed do present with severe pain. The location of the pain will help your dentist understand the reason and nature of the problem more easily.

It is important that you seek immediate medical attention if you are ever faced with any dental emergency situation. The following are some of the problems that require urgent medical care and intervention.

Sudden Severe Toothache

Pain accompanies most dental emergency situations. If you have a toothache, it can bring great relief if you apply a cold compress to the area. Rinsing with warm water will also bring comfort.

Dislodged/Knocked Out Teeth

This definitely requires immediate attention. If you have found the knocked out tooth, try and replace it in its original position. Do not put pressure on the teeth though. Be careful to wash the teeth to remove debris – otherwise it can get infected because of the embedded foreign particles. If your teeth has been dislodged, try not to touch the area or teeth, leave it as it is. You can apply a cold compress to lessen the pain.

Lost Filling

Sometimes the filling comes out of the teeth while you eat food, or for no reason at all. Fillings need to be replaced quickly, or it can lead to bacterial infection in the area and cause tooth decay.

Problems With Braces Or Wires

Braces can suddenly break, leading to an emergency dental situation. Try to make sure that the broken wires or braces do not poke into your cheek or teeth or gum area and cause more damage.

Other Tissue Injuries

If a person is involved in contact sports or accidents with resulting injury to gums, lips, or cheeks – then it is important to seek immediate care.

Importance Of Immediate Treatment

Why is so much importance given to dental emergencies? There is a very simple reason – with immediate and proper care, the tooth that has suffered injury can be saved. The more the delay in seeking care from a dentist, the higher chances that you would lose your tooth. If there is bleeding accompanying the injury, then care must be taken to stop and reduce the bleeding at home.

Depending on the cause and nature of the dental emergency, the treatment procedure will be decided. If there is bleeding, then steps are taken to stop bleeding. Based on the examination, other interventions may also be planned. It is important to take care of the situation as best as possible at home and then get proper advice from dentist at the earliest.

If it can wait a few hours to be treated, then you can drop in at our clinic the next day. Alternatively, you may need to visit us at the earliest.

If you are unsure whether the problem at hand is an emergency dental situation or not, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Call us up and talk to us right away. Our dentists will advise you on the next steps to be taken.