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General Dentistry

General Dentistry, Brunswick Melbourne

With the advancement of technology in the field of medicine and especially dentistry, you now have access to a wide variety of medical treatment options right within your budget. State of the art technology has also made it possible to perform many dental procedures within a short span of time, so the recovery time is minimal.

General dentistry deals with almost all of the dental services provided at dental centres. The following are some of the most frequently performed general dentistry procedures.

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Dentures are commonly used when there are teeth missing. Custom-made dentures provide an accurate fit. When a person loses teeth, facial muscles sag and there is difficulty in speech.

This can affect your confidence and have a significant impact in your daily life.  Just a few years ago, even when people wore dentures, it was immediately obvious that it’s not their natural teeth. However, the dentures that are available these days are virtually indistinguishable from the natural teeth.

There are different types of dentures that are available to be used:  full dentures and partial dentures.

Full dentures are suitable for people who are completely missing their teeth.  You can opt for partial dentures if you have only some teeth missing.

Whether you opt for full or partial dentures, you need to take care of them daily. Our dental experts will guide you on the best way to care for the dentures so they serve you well for several years.

Root Canal Treatment

A badly decayed or infected teeth typically requires root canal treatment. It’s the only way to save a tooth which has an infection in the pulp which is the innermost region of the tooth. The treatment involves removing the infected pulp and the nerves, thus preventing the damage from spreading to other areas of the mouth.

After the infected pulp is removed, the bacteria are all cleaned out thoroughly and the tooth is sealed with a filling. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia.

Tooth Coloured Filling

Tooth coloured fillings can bring back the natural colour and function to an infected tooth. Your dentist will recommend the different options based on the extent of decay and damage. The infected area of the teeth is removed and filled up to avoid further decay to the teeth.

Tooth coloured fillings are made of resin and glass particles and they mimic the look of natural teeth. The materials that are used are long lasting and durable. If you want more information on the different filling options that are available at Brunswick dental clinic, just check with us during the consultation.

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath is one of the most embarrassing and common problems that people all over the world suffer from. Luckily, in most cases the treatment is also simple and effective.

There are many reasons why you may develop bad breath. Foods play a major role – onion, garlic, and other smelly foods may cause your breath to smell bad. Bacterial infection can also be a reason for bad breath. The bacteria in your teeth, tongue, cheeks, gums, and other areas of the mouth may cause bad odour.

Bacterial infection can be caused due to a wide variety of reasons ranging from poor, unhealthy cleaning practices or other underlying health problems.

Our dental specialists will recommend the perfect treatment options to get rid of bad breath. If you are suffering from bad breath and you need an effective solution that will restore your confidence, set up an appointment with us and come in for a consultation.