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Metal & Ceramic Braces

Metal & Ceramic Braces Brunswick

Orthodontics is a specialised branch in dentistry that deals with correcting teeth that have irregularities or are not aligned properly. When teeth are crooked or wrongly positioned, it becomes harder and difficult to clean them.

Orthodontics helps not only with correcting the position of teeth, they also help to maintain oral health and hygiene. By setting correct the position of teeth, they get aligned properly and it becomes easy to clean them. This will also help ward off teeth decay and other gum/teeth related problems.

Aligning and straightening the teeth is a common procedure that a lot of people need. It is only a few lucky few who have perfectly aligned teeth without orthodontic intervention. Using braces is the most popular method to straighten and set right crooked teeth.

As with all dental procedures, this involves an oral examination. Your dentist would use X-ray or take photos of your mouth to examine the issue more closely. The treatment plan is then developed by the specialists in consultation with you. The plan will fit your specific requirements and budget.

Braces have small square structures called brackets placed in the front of the teeth. They are held in place by bands. The braces are in turn held in place by a tube that is attached to the last tooth so it stays put and does not change position.

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Metal Braces

Also called traditional braces, metal braces are a very popular option. They are made of good quality stainless steel and are held in place with the help of elastic bands. Metal braces are very easy to use and dentists are able to easily make adjustments to better align the teeth.

There are lot of options available in metal braces now. Multiple colour options are available for the elastic bands – this appeals to kids because they can choose the colour they like. Metal braces are commonly chosen because they are cost effective, strong, and durable.

Ceramic Braces

Advancement in orthodontics has brought about another type of braces, called ceramic braces, otherwise known as clear braces. They have brackets made of ceramic material which are clear and blend into the teeth and are not easily visible. The bands in ceramic braces are also clear, which help make it blend in better and therefore less noticeable.

When compared with metal braces, they are more expensive. Adults who may not be comfortable wearing bright coloured bands for their braces find ceramic braces to be the best option. As they are bit more fragile than the metal braces, they take more time to craft.

Taking Care Of Braces

There are a few things to be kept in mind when wearing braces – either metal or ceramic ones.

Be careful about the food that you consume. Sweets have a tendency to stick to teeth, so try and avoid candy or sugary stuff.

To avoid putting a lot of strain on the teeth, cut fruits or vegetables into small pieces before eating them.

Maintaining oral health and hygiene is extremely important especially if you are using braces. Braces should be removed and cleaned thoroughly so you do not leave any food debris on them which may lead to infection in the teeth. So clean your braces, teeth, gums, and tongue thoroughly every single day. Speak with your dentist about the daily oral hygiene routine.